A dream comes true. The FAAM (French Association of American Music) is born. After 12 years as FACM (French Association of Country Music), our aim is to promote the american music: Country Music, Hard rock, Pop Rock...

All American stars are unknown in France. From Garth Brooks to Van Halen, from Def Leppard to Alan Jackson, France don't know those artists.

The FAAM is the best source for music reviews and for people who like music. More, the FAAM hall of fame is here to talk about superstars and to give people information about what is important in music, who are the superstars, the artists they need to know, they must know.

You can send us your Cds, Dvds to the adress below.

Thanks to write us .


39, Rue du recret

69670 - Vaugneray


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