1. Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Jason Aldean: My name is Jason Aldean. I'm 28 years old and from Macon, Georgia. I've been in the music business for 14 years.

2. Your debut album seems to have great success, especially with the hit "Hicktown." Please share with me how you feel about that.

Jason Aldean: I'm excited. I'm also kind of shocked at how well the album is doing and feel really blessed to have it doing as well as it is, especially with all of the other new acts that are out right now. It feels great to be hanging in there with everybody else.

3. I see that John Rich & Big Kenny co-wrote songs for your album. How was it working with them since they are now really big stars, was it of great help for you? Tell me how you got to know them.
Jason Aldean: I got to know John Rich and Big Kenny through writing at my publishing company. John Rich was writing for the same publishing company. I actually got to write a song with him for this album. I am really happy for them and their success thus far, it's cool to see them do what they're doing and they are cool guys - I'm happy for them.

4. Your album is a real success, are you interested in coming and performing in France?
Jason Aldean:
Definitely! I love seeing new places and meeting new people. I've never been to France, so hopefully in the next year or so I'll get a chance to come over and check it out for myself.

5. Can you imagine that people in the world and especially in France could listen to your album and like it? How do you feel about your music being heard internationally?
Jason Aldean: I'm actually really unaware of that sometimes, that people can actually hear my music that far away. It's cool with the Internet now and all of the stuff that it makes possible. That's the one cool thing about the web, is that people get a chance to hear and see things that ten years ago they probably wouldn't have been able to. I think it's really cool.

6. "Asphalt Cowboy" was previously recorded by Blake Shelton. Why did you choose to sing this song for your album?
Jason Aldean: I actually heard this song before it ever became a Blake Shelton cut on his album. I liked the song and wanted it to record it on a project that I was doing at the time to pitch to labels. When he didn't release the song as a single, I decided that I wanted to put it on my album. I can really relate to that song, because it talks about a truck driver who is always gone and away from his family and as a Country Music artist I can really relate to that.

7. Who are some of your favorite artists?

Jason Aldean: Alabama, John Anderson, John Mellencamp and Dwight Yoakam just to name a few.

8. What do you think about the evolution of country music?

Jason Aldean: I think it's cool. Not only country music but all genres of music have evolved over the years because it's a constant change of different artists who are being influenced my different types of music. All music forms change somewhat, but I think it's good. Country music artists are staying true to their roots, keeping it country but throwing a little bit of rock flair in there which I think is a good thing.

9. Some words for FACM (French Association of Country Music) and for French country music fans? Share with us what you want us to know about your music.

Jason Aldean: I think my music is definitely country but it's got a little bit of that rock flair about it. I always try to find the things that everyday people deal with in their everyday lives and situations in the songs that I sing. If it's something I can relate to in my life, then I believe that there is somebody else out there that is going through the same things and can relate to the same things that I am. I try to record music that people can relate to.

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