1- Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

I'm Buddy Jewell...born in Lepanto,Arkansas, USA. I am a Christian, father, husband, singer/songwriter

2 - Why do you choose country music, and not rap, jazz, etc...?

Country music has always been my favorite foramt, probably because of the melodies and the stories that are told in song.

3- What do you think about country music evolution?

I think that it's good that country music has expanded it's base to include variations on the central theme, but, I don't necessarily like the fact that a lot of traditional artists have been overlooked/replaced by pop/rock acts that have suddenly decided that they want to "go" country.

4- Which newcomers do you really appreciate?

Craig Morgan, Ray Scott are a couple of my favorites

5 - How do you explain popularity of country music?

I think it is popular because it is "real" music that speaks to "real" people...

6 - Who are your favorites artists?

Alabama, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Horton , Marty Robbins, Don Williams

7 - Nashville star was a really important thing in your career. What's you feeling about this experience?

I really believe that if it had not been for my win on Nashville Star, I would have never been given a record deal and therefore, I would never had been able to see my dreams come true!

8- What was you life before nashville star, with nashville star, and after nashville star?

I worked in music, mostly as a studio singer in Nashville for ten years prior to winning Nashville Star. After I won, my caeer really took off and I have had the most amazing experience, although a lot of the first two years is kind of blurry because everything was happening so fast. . Things have settled down to a more manageable pace now, some 5 years after the fact. I hve a very blessed life. God has been SO good to me!

9- What do you want to say about your latest album "Country enough" ?

It was great to get to record songs that I had written/co-written. Many of my fans really like the songs I have written better than the ones that someone else has written for me. I don't know that I totally agree with that ! LOL

Many songs are different. There are many different styles of music. Are you influenced by other kind of music?

I am influenced by other styles and genres...mostly from growing up with a very diverse musical background. My parents loved country, 50's rock and Motown. My sister was a 70's pop/rock fan and so I was naturally influenced by what they listened to.

10 - Do you have plans for the future ?

I want to continue writing and recording. Hopefully I will be able to tour Europe someday soon. I did get to play a show in France back in 2006...and I really enjoyed it!

promote your new cd?

I hope that my fans in Europe will take the time to check out my newest CD, "Country Enough" on my web site. They can listen to the entire CD for free at

11- Do you want to say something more for french country music fans, and FACM fans?

I want all my fans in France to know how much I appreciate their support over the past 5 years and I want to especially that my friends at the FACM for all your kind words and support as well.

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