1- Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?

Mark Chesnutt: Country Singer

2- "Savin' the honky tonk" is your new album. Why did you choose honky tonk style, or not country rock, western swing...?

Honky Tonks is where I cut my teeth, it’s the Honky Tonks in Texas where I learned to sing and play, so it was just natural that that is the style of music I love to sing.

3- Many of these songs were written by songwriters like Kevin Folwer. Don't you like to write for yourself ?

I don’t consider myself a songwriter, I’ve tried, I’ve written a few with friends but that’s an art form I’m gonna leave to guys like Jimmy Ritchey and Kevin Fowler.

4- You played with Joe Diffie and Tracy Lawrence for a trio. How was this experience ?

That tour “rockin’ Roadhouse” was a blast, every night was a little different, you never really knew what to expect and when you’re out on stage with two good friends, what could be better.

5- Can you imagine that people could listen your music in France? (You won best album of the year to the 3rd French Country Music Awards 2005) what's your feeling about that ?

I’ve been to Europe 2 times to do shows, the fans are great, It’s nice to know they like “Real” country music. I can’t wait to play in France, especially after winning Best Album, it’s going to be an honor to step out on stage knowing that these people love my music as much as I do.

6- What are your influences ?

My main influence was my Dad Bob Chesnutt, he taught me everything I know. As far as other singing influences, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon, Hank Sr and Jr. And I love Elvis.

7- What do you think about country music evolution ?

Country Music has always changed for the times, if you listen to the recordings from the 50’s to 60’s to 70’s, to now, the message is still there, basic down to earth songs about real people, it the music that’s been updated. Some of it I like, but still prefer the traditional sound.

8- Are you working on a new album. If yes, can you give us some details ?

We hope to go into the studio before the end of this year and have a new single out first of next year with an alum in the summer. As for details, expect great country music.

9- Some words for the FACM which promote country music in France, and especially to your french fans ?

Thank you for supporting US artists, you’re proving that country music is for everyone, and you’re doing a fantastic job.


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