1- Can you introduce yourself in a few words and explain us what's your job at the CMA ?

My name is Bobbi Boyce and I am the CMA International Director. I have worked with CMA since 1992 and I work with all the countries outside of USA. I will liaise with members of CMA, work on the CDX subscription service, Chair the UK Advisory Group, work with international media at the CMA Music Festival and CMA Awards - the list is wide and varied.

2- What's the aim of CMA ?

The mission is to guide and enhance the development of Country Music throughout the world: to provide an ongoing public relations initiative for the Country Music industry and to demonstrate Country Muisc as a viable business medium for advertisers.

3- Who are your favorites artists?

There are too many to list, I like artists from mainstream as well as Country, but it is usually the song that gets my attention first.

4- What do you think about country music evolution ?

I think it is healthy. There always has to be change, and not everyone will like that, but we usually get used to it. I think there are some amazing newer artists at the moment and I think it is a very exciting time to be involved in the music.

5- What do you think about americans artists performing in Europe and especially in France, as Hal Ketchum, David Lee Murphy, Marty Stuart, etc...?

I believe Country Music is a genre that all fans from all countries can enjoy given the chance to see and hear the artists. Obviously, different artists will appeal more in one territory than another, but that is the same whatever genre you are looking at. At CMA we started an initiative called New from Nashville, to bring over 2 or 3 artists on a yearly basis. The first one was in 05 and included Jessi Alexander, Jamie O'Neal and Jon Randall. In 2006 we are bringing Dierks Bentley and Jace Everett and have expanded the shows from two shows in the UK, to include a third show in Dublin. We are building this initiative slowly and hope as time goes on to include dates in other territories as well. I think it is imperative for artists to tour, if they come back over a period of time they can develop a fan base that is loyal and dedicated.

6- How we must work in France to promote country music correctly ? Give us pieces of advices...

I think all the professionals working in the industry in France are doing a great job. I think television is always a key to success and expanding the growth of the music and any expansion of the coverage Country Music gets on television there, would help the industry. I would like to see the CMA Awards back being broadcast on France television. You have tour operators bring fans into the CMA Music Festival, you have great festivals, dedicated radio broadcasters including Georges Lang on RTL.

7- Can you imagine that people in the world, and especially in Europe, and especially in France could listen country music...and appreciate it ?

I think the fan base in France is already a loyal one. We have many French media come into to the CMA Music Festival to cover the event and that is reflective of the audience at home.

8- What's your best memory about country music ? and the baddest ?

I probably shouldn't say!!

9- How do you explain popularity of country music and of the CMA ?

It is a many different things. I think there is a "heart" in Country Music that you don't find necessarily in other music. I think the artists are dedicated to their fans and likewise the fans to the artists. I think there are the best songs and the best musicians in Country Music. I think there are so many different reasons. I think CMA's success is because it is professional and caring at the same time, it listens to the artists. It is not afraid to make changes and it works in the best interests of the industry.

10- The FACM ( French Association of Country Music) organize the French Country Music Awards in France since 3 years now. Our awards are now well know in the USA (more than in France). George Strait, the Dixie Chicks, Darryl Worley, Brooks & Dunn, etc...wrote to thank us for nominations. What do you think about that, and how could we work together?

I think it is very exciting for the artists to be nominated and I think the fact it is in its third year and growing, it significant to both your professionalism and dedication. Let you and I talk separately about how we could work together.

11- Some words for FACM and Country music fans in France ?

What else can I say, but thank you for everything you do for Country Music in France, the fans, the dedicated group of industry execs all make such a difference and will continue to. Thank you.


Interview: Florent