1- Can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I'm Rustie Blue, I am a Country Music Recording Artist from the USA!

2 - Why do you choose country music, and not rap, jazz, etc...?

My roots in country music run deep! Of course my grandmother was Lila Jane Travis. Merle Travis was a big inspiration to me. (Sixteen tons). I grew up surrounded by country music; My Mother was a huge country music fan! She would always have the radio tuned to a country station, especially when she was cooking. Remembering back, she would dance around the stove, sing along with the radio and shouting Ye-Haw! I would say my Mom was a major influence on my love and respect for country music! She was a great lady!

3- What do you think about country music evolution?
There have been many changes in the Country Music scene. All types of music have evolved, partly because of technology with respects to the recording industry and some of the new electronics that at are used in live performances. There have been many sounds that have crossed over from the pop side of music, I don't necessarily like all of it. There is something to be said about just doing a live acoustic performance without all of the gadgets. I sometimes marvel at some of the recordings of the past, when the entire band and singers had to be in the studio at the same time. They would do the songs over and over again, until they finally got the one that they would keep. The music industry as a whole continues to change, sometimes very quickly. Time is what really determines a good change, if you hear something that sounds new, and five years later you can still hear the sound or at least the influence of that sound, it must have been a good sound. The bad changes will fade away and the good ones will stand the test of time. Country music has grown into one of the most popular & diverse genres of music today and am so proud to call myself country!

4- Which newcomers do you really appreciate?
Gretchen Wilson is one of my favorites, I think she is very real, and I've always admired folks that are real!

5 - How do you explain popularity of country music?
In the words of a song, "I Was Country When Country Wasn't Cool" Most all of us know that Country is cool now. This is partly due to the evolution of the Country Music, but also the influences of artist like Elvis. Just look at the many different types of music he did. He came onto to scene in kind of a rockabilly sound. I don't have to tell you that how many fans he still has. He was also partly the reason that Country Music evolved. Artist like Patsy Cline were instrumental in this popularity rise also, with her mix of grass roots country, pop, and sometime rock n' roll. The Country Music industry continues to grow, because it is everyone's music, and tells a story in every song, about the way country folks live. We all want to hear and make music about life .

6 - Who are yur favorites artists?
Elvis is my all time favorite! What an amazing voice he had as well as Charisma! I also am a big fan of Patsy Clines, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Wynonna, Trisha Yearwood among many others. In the early part of my music career I use to do a Dolly Parton Tribute show. I use to be really shy, my manager loved my singing, but not so much my stage presence back then. He had a show called "Center Stage Legends In Concert" and was casting the part of Dolly Parton at the time; He thought that I would be perfect for the cast of Dolly Parton. I must say, I was a bit reluctant, but I decided to give it a try. To make a long story short, It was a bit hit with the audience. I did that for about 5 years even taking my act overseas. It really did get me out of my shyness, being able to dress up and take on another persona. I've always had so much admiration for Dolly.

7 - What are your 5 favorites albums ? (country or not)
Elvis Greatest Hits, Patsy Cline Greatest Hits, Bill Anderson "The Way I Feel", Tammy Wynette, Anniversary Twenty Years Of Hits, Wynonna's "Revelations." I actually have several favorites, anything Dolly of course!

8- You often come in europe, do you have a special feeling with europe, and especially france?
I haven't been to Europe for a few years. The last time that I was there, I was on a six week promotional tour. I had shows in Germany, Belgium. Denmark,and Holland. I wanted so much to have something in France, but the tour manager at that time, didn't make it happen. I sometimes stayed with host families. This was most rewarding, because it enabled me to learn about the different cultures, and connect with the folks on a personal level. I still communicate with some of those folks. We all had one thing in common, we all loved Country Music. I really want to come to France, I've dreamed about it from the time that I was a little girl, saw the Eifel Tower and watched the romantic movies. I think that with the fans of France, and folks like The French Association Of Country Music, I will come to France. I'm sure that it will be, a dream come true.

9- What do you want to say about your latest album "stronger than steel" ?
I'm really excited about the release of my new album! It was recorded in Nashville, at the Fool On The Hill Studio, we also used The Road Hammers studio. Willie did a great job bringing in some of the very best! I had a great team of folks working with me, some really amazing musicians as well as songwriters on this record! The song, "Stronger Than Steel" was such an inspirational songwriting session for me in writing with my producer Willie Mack and co-writer Mark Trail. I really learned a lot as a writer! I remember mentioning to Willie that I would like to have another duet on this new project, and he said let's write one, that's how it came about. I actually have three duets on this new record, counting the duet "Chip Chip" that I recorded with Bill Anderson, which is included as a bonus track. The other two, of course, are "Stronger Than Steel" and "It Hurts Like Love,"both with Willie Mack. I'm really happy and honored to see "Fall In The First Place" playin' on the FACM Country Show, It was co-written by Terri Clark. Willie received the song from another awesome writer on that same song, Gilles Godard. I heard that Terri was going to put it on her album, but didn't have room. I just love the song, it's such an upbeat feel good song! I really found my complete style while working on this album. It is a mix of mostly mainstream with just enough traditional blended, to keep everyone's ear to it. I invite everyone that is reading this interview, to look at the line up of musicians. They are without any doubt, Nashville's finest. These musicians have backed most all of the big time stars that are on the Country Music scene today! It helped me make a great album!

10 - Do you have plans for the future ? proote your new cd?

To keep making music, it is my passion. I would love to do more touring and come to France. The friends and fans that I have made all over the world are so very special to me. In February 2009, I will be embarking on a cruise. It's the Kevin Richards Country Cruise along with Mark Chestnutt, Doc Watson, Linda Davis among many other very talented artists. I also have a new single going to radio in October called "I Break Things." You might have heard that I am somewhat accident prone; This song is me, to a tee. I have a lot of fun on stage with "I Break Things" and the dance floor is always full. I hope ya'll like it too. Other plans would be to possibly record a covers album. I have had several folks as me if I have any plans to do a covers album. It may be something you see in the near future.

11- Do you want to say something more for french country music fans, and FACM fans?
THANKS for listening, and playing my music. I can't say in words how much that it means to me to be involved with FACM. The association is doing so much to promote Country Music in France, and around the world. Just to be included, is a honor and a privilege. The fans are the most important element, that gives me reason to sing. I am sure I will have the opportunity in the future to come to France and meet ya'll! I'm really looking forward to that!

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