1- Can you introduce yourself in a few words ?
I am Ward Hayden from the group Girls Guns & Glory

2- How do you definite your music?
We consider our music Americana, a blend of Country, Rock, Blues and Folk.

3- Which artists influenced you, and who's your favorite artist?
Hank Williams and Johnny Cash are my two all time favorite artists. And both of them have influenced my songwriting tremendously. They both blurred they lines of what is considered "traditional" country music and created music that have a timeless element to it.

4- You came 2 times in France; What's your feeling about that. Was it your first trip oversea?
Yes, it was our first trip overseas. We had an amazing time, France is a beautiful country and the food and wine were absolutely the best in the world. We had a wonderful experience coming to France and getting the opportunity to perform.

5- You have 3 albums. you change everytimes your musicians. Why? Do you have now the "good band"?
I have changed up the musicians for each album to fit the music in the best way possible. Each time we have changed a band member it has been to serve the music and help get the music to a higher level than it was at before. The band right now is a very "good band." Very great guys to be on the road with and excellent musicians!

6- You are recording your fourth album. Can you talk about it, give us some informations (release date...)?
We are currently in the studio working on our fourth album, it's a mix of original country and rock 'n' roll songs that I've written over the past 2 years. We are hoping to release a new album with 12 new songs on it in the beginning of 2011. So keep checking in, it will be coming out soon.

7- What is your best memory and baddest as singer?
My best memory is stepping out on stage at Equiblues and seeing so many fans of country music in France. The crowd was so fun and enthusiastic and they couldn't have been a nicer crowd to play for.
My worst memory was getting in a car accident in Boston the very first day we got our new band van. We we on a main street and a car just smashed right into the side of the van. Thankfully everyone was okay and we still made it to our show that night.

8- You are songwriter, guitarist, singer. What do you prefer?
I prefer singing the most. It's a challenging experience sometimes writing songs and can be very frustrating at times. But with singing, as long as you have a voice you can release the tension in your life and I find singing very cathartic.

9- Which kind of lyrics do your prefer, about: politic, love, life,, patriotic....?
Songs about love and life are definitely my favorite. I think that's why I enjoy the songs of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash so much. They both have such great love songs and songs about heartache. Plus, Johnny Cash could sing a western ballad as good as anybody!!

10- Now you have many fans in france, and everybody here appreciated your shows. What do you want to said to your fans, and to FACM (French Association of Country Music) fans?
I'd like to say thank you so much for all your wonderful support. We really hope to keep coming back to France and continue bringing new music with us each time. We have had a wonderful time coming to France, truly some of the best experiences of our lives and can't wait to return very soon and with a new GGG album!!

11- You won a French Country Music Awards as "Best independant band of the year", what is your feeling about that?
That's awesome!!! I'm thrilled, we will have to toast some wine and celebrate tonight at the studio!! Yahoo!!!

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